West Chelmsford United Methodist Church
Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Christian Education News

Coming Soon!

Children’s Room at the Holiday Fair

Our annual holiday fair is on December 1st this year from 9am – 3pm.  The Christian Education Committee will be sponsoring the Children’s Room again this year.  We will have crafts and other activities available for children to work on while parents shop/volunteer at the fair.  If you are volunteering at the fair and expect that your child will be in the Children’s Room for a long period of time, please let Sarah Laflamme know so that arrangements can be made to have the additional activities ready.


Save the Date!

Our very popular Epiphany Winter Festival will be on Sunday, January 6th following the church service!  Please stay tuned for more information!


What’s happening in SS?


The two younger elementary Sunday school classes (PS through 4th grade) continue to explore scripture readings from the lectionary schedule which is often the text that Rev. Mack is exploring in his sermon.  However, there are some Sundays when the children explore the Old Testament reading from the worship service.  The 5th/6th/7th grade class is finishing up their first project based on what they have learned about what the bible and the church says about their respective topics: the spread of diseases, animal abuse, and homelessness and hunger.  The high school class typically engages with the Living in Christ (LinC) curriculum which brings their Christian faith in conversation with current events.


Special Stewardship Lesson

On November 11th we will have our stewardship service.  The Sunday school program will leave at their regular time and will be exploring the concept of stewardship in their classrooms.  However, the children’s and youth choirs will be leading worship so those in the youth choir will remain in the service as they do whenever they are leading worship. 

Connecting with Christ

Waiting and Worshiping in Advent

Spiritual growth can happen through many different activities/events.  We sometimes forget that regular corporate worship (worshiping with other members of the Christian Faith) can often be a catalyst for significant spiritual growth.  This is especially the case during special times of the church year like Advent.  Advent starts on December 2nd and is a time of waiting and preparing for the celebration of Christ’s birth on Christmas.  Worshiping every week during Advent is a special opportunity to fully experience the joy of Christmas.  Will you take the opportunity to connect with Christ during this Advent season by attending corporate worship for all four weeks?

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