West Chelmsford United Methodist Church
Friday, August 18, 2017

Weekly Church Bulletin


242 Main Street, North Chelmsford, MA  01863 

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11th Sunday after Pentecost                                           August 20, 2017






*Opening Hymn –“Come and Find the Quiet Center”            No. 2128

*Call to Worship

L: What does this worship service need?

P: Quiet where faith can grow, songs that blossoms hope, scripture that remembers love, honest words to untangle a small length of knotty existence, gifts offering service of the heart to others.

L: Who shall come to this worship service?

P: All who have prayer in the center of their lives and all who are lonely for the touch of God.


    Prayer of Confession

Christ Jesus, our teacher and our friend, we have not listened for your word amid the clamor of words all around us. We are more pleased to repeat familiar tunes than to listen for new melodies and strange harmonies. We try harder to defend what we think we know than to reach for that which is beyond our grasp. Slow to trust, afraid of the unknown, we are cautious to hear and do your will. We pray for ears to hear the cries of our neighbors and for hearts which resonate with your Spirit. Silence us and instruct us until we learn afresh to sing your songs and speak your truth with faith, hope, and love. Amen.

  Words of Assurance

L: There is no greater joy in the heart of God than the moment when a daughter or son opens to the gift of forgiveness. God's Spirit reaches out to assure us of welcome in Christ.

P: In the name of Jesus Christ we are God's by grace, forgiven and made whole. With great joy we are made alive. Thanks be to God. Amen.


  Sharing of Joys and Concerns

  Silent Prayer

  Call to Prayer

      The Lord be with you.

      And also with you.

      Let us continue to pray.

  Pastoral Prayer /Lord’s Prayer

  Children’s Time


  Scripture Reading – Psalm 113 (page 532) **

*Hymn –“I’m Gonna Live So God Can Use Me”                   No. 2153

  Gospel Reading – Matthew 15:10-28 (page 16)**

  Sermon – “Our Mouths Expose Our Hearts”


*Presentation of Gifts with Doxology                                   No. 2081

*Prayer of Dedication

O Gracious God, bless our offering that it may reach and touch those who hunger, who hurt, who seek new hope. As part of the global village, make us caring for all of our sisters and brothers world-wide. We pray for disarmament and true world peace, for liberty to those oppressed, for stability for those whose lives are uprooted by terrorism, war, are refugees, for joy to those who are weary. In honor of our Sovereign God,  Amen.



  Hymns Selected by the Congregation





            *Those who are able please stand.


**After each scripture reading please respond, “Thanks be to God”


We extend a warm greeting to all who worship here today. We especially greet those persons who are visitors. Please sign the friendship pad.


The flowers on the altar this morning are given by Elly and Joanne Evans in Celebration of their 54 years of marriage.


Today  - Lay Reader – Wendy Grenier

 Guest Organist – Steve Hunt        Pastor – Reverend Wendell Luke Jr.






Sunday – August 20th - 9:00am – Worship Service

                            Followed by refreshments outside


Monday7:30pm – AA

Tuesday – Church Office Closed

Wednesday – St. Paul’s Meal at Eliot’s Presbyterian in Lowell

Friday – Church Office Open                    


Sunday – August 27th - 9:00am – Worship Service

                            Followed by refreshments outside







  Date:     Saturday, September 16, 2017



  Time:     8:30 AM – 4:30 PM


  Place:    West Chelmsford United Methodist Church


 (Sponsored by the Anti-racism Task Force of the West Chelmsford United Methodist Church)

We are excited to invite you to a workshop for the study of racism and how to combat it in our towns, lives, workplaces, religious communities. The title for this event is Exploring Systemic Racism and Its Implications for Our Lives and Our Work.  Given the climate of our times as reflected in the presidential campaign and our police/community conflicts, this is a timely and crucial study

for all of us.


During the workshop we will look at the history of racism and how it has become a destructive force in our country, both overtly and subtly, how white privilege became a benefit to white people even when not realized, and how our government strategically employed it to gain and maintain power.


The workshop costs are being paid by the church.

We will ask for a contribution that day toward the cost of lunch.

If you have any questions please see Rev. Mack or Rev. Wendell Luke.




If you are planning to attend please let us know by registering. 


Please send an email with your name to the church office saying:
I will be attending the Anti-Racism Training on

Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017