West Chelmsford United Methodist Church
Saturday, February 17, 2018

Christian Education

Coming Soon!
New Resources Available
The Christian Education Committee has invested in a series of books to read with children from preschool to middle school age that can help you talk with your children about feelings, reacting to problems, and navigating social situations. Most of the new books are already available for families to borrow and can be found on the shelves outside the Sunday school classrooms. The rest of the books will be available soon! Please feel free to borrow any of these new books. We just ask that you return the book within two weeks so that other families can take advantage of these new resources.

SS Volunteer Appreciation
During the worship service on February 11th, we will be showing our appreciation to the volunteers that keep our Sunday school program running. Please encourage the kids to say “thank you” to the adults in their Sunday school class. Also, if you remember a favorite Sunday school teacher from when you were young, we encourage you to take some time to remember them and give thanks for their presence in your life.

What’s happening in SS?
Sunday School Curriculum
All of the Sunday school children and youth continue to work with curriculum that follows the lectionary which means that most of the time the scripture story is read while the children are in the sanctuary. We hope that parents will take advantage of this connection and talk with their children about their exploration of that scripture on the ride home.

Children’s Worship Bulletins
There are many ways to welcome the children of our church to the worship services. One way is by providing a modified bulletin that makes it a little easier for children in 5th grade and younger to participate in the worship service. The modifications include pictorial cues to help the children know what is going on in the service, small check boxes that encourage the children to keep track of where we are in the service, and space for drawing/coloring which helps the kids to stay engaged.

Connecting with Christ
Daily Prayer
Rituals and habits drive our lives so how do we make space to connect with God in our daily routine. The United Methodist Church has developed over the years the idea to stop and pray during four times of the day: morning, noon, evening, and night. Many of us may struggle to find four times a day to stop and pray, but maybe you can choose one of those times. And remember praying comes in all different shapes and sizes. You can sing your prayers, paint your prayers, speak aloud your

If you have any questions or comments about our Christian Education Program please contact:

Sarah Laflamme Harry Johnson
Christian Education Director     Chairperson, CE Committee
Christian-ed@wcumc.us     johnson3rd@verizon.net
978-320-4090      978-251-8587