West Chelmsford United Methodist Church
Monday, April 22, 2019

From the Pastor’s Desk
One of the joys of leading worship at this church is hearing the beautiful music that comes from our pipe organ. Of course, much of the credit for that beautiful music belongs to the capable hands (and feet) playing that instrument. Our Minister of Music, Karen Leonard, brings great musicianship and passion to the fine music we take for granted each Sunday.
But recently our organ is showing signs of needing some attention. As Karen explains in a separate article in this newsletter, we have notes that stick, or don’t sound at all, or won’t stay in tune. What Karen doesn’t tell you is that her challenging work of playing the organ is made even more difficult as she avoids certain key or pedals, or remembers when and when not to play certain notes.
We had some “emergency” work done to keep the organ usable, but there is more that needs to be done. When Karen brought the scope of the needed work to the attention of the Finance Committee and the Trustees, both groups supported getting the work done as soon as possible, and appealing to our congregation for the needed funds.
This additional work will cost in the neighborhood of $3800. We are asking that members of the congregation make contributions to a newly established organ maintenance fund. As we receive your contributions toward to this work, we will begin to repair our beloved pipe organ. I know you will respond generously so we can continue to praise God in worship accompanied by this fine musical instrument.



Reverend Mack