West Chelmsford United Methodist Church
Thursday, August 22, 2019

From the Pastor’s Desk:
As many of you already know, the Living Stones UMC has relocated to the Tewksbury UMC as of the middle of July. This change came about rather suddenly and was a result of the need for a pastor at the Tewksbury church and the fact that pastors Gilson and Rachel Silva received training during the last year to serve as local pastors under the direction of the District Superintendent. Gilson will be ½ time pastor of the Tewksbury church and ½ time pastor of Living Stones. His wife, Rachel, will be ¼ time pastor of Living Stones. Living Stones will operate out of the building in Tewksbury. During the past few weeks the Living Stones church has moved their belongings out of the Fellowship Hall, except for the backdrop for the stage, which they offered to leave for us if we wanted it, and our trustees accepted that offer.

On Sunday, July 14, Rachel and some other members of the Living Stones church came to our worship service and said a heart-felt thank-you and good-bye. They are very grateful for the welcome and support this congregation offered to them during the past year. They graciously provided refreshments for our worship service that day as a further expression of their gratitude.
I am sad to see the Living Stones congregation relocate their ministry to Tewksbury, but I am glad we opened our building and our hearts to them during the past year. As I am writing this we are in the midst of the joint Vacation Bible School week we had already planned together. I want to thank the church volunteers and staff who worked hard to sort out the details of our living arrangement together in this building, and we will keep the Living Stones congregation in our hearts and in our prayers.

Reverend Mack