West Chelmsford United Methodist Church
Monday, April 06, 2020

Prayer Shawl Ministry

What is the Prayer Shawl Ministry? There are folks in our church who use their talent to create shawls. They can be crocheted, knitted or quilted. These shawls are given to folks who are facing a crisis in their lives or need comforting. The shawls are in totes in the worship room. We ask that you put the name of the person who is receiving it on the paper taped to the cover, so 6 people don’t give Susie 6 shawls! We also need people to share their talent in creating these shawls. For those whose fingers don’t knit or crochet, you can be a part of the ministry by purchasing 16oz of knitting worsted weight yarn.

Please call Elsie – 978-692-3989 with any questions you have. Thank you.

 to WCUMC:

Thank you for the prayer blanket. My surgery went will and I am now recovering with my family. I truly appreciate the kind words and prayers.

Love, Shelly Pelham

It’s Not Just A Shawl

Let me start by praising God for the Prayer Shawl Ministry of our church and for all those who make them.

            Just prior to my recent hospitalization for heart surgery Elsie Wilson brought a shawl to me at home. On admission day it came along. From the moment I entered the hospital until the time I left the only time it was not on or nearby me was while I was in the OR/intensive care. Its constant presence gave me the feeling that not only my biological family but also my church family was with and helping me each step of the way.

            I truly believe that as these shawls are made, small bits of each member of our church family are woven into each stich and remain there as a power to be drawn upon by those who need it. I am certain that much of the strength in that shawl has helped speed my recovery.

Thank you all and keep stitching,
Elly Evans