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Monday, December 11, 2017

Christian Education News

Christian Education News
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World Communion Sunday
This Sunday, October 1st, we have an opportunity to share in communion with our whole church family. The communion sacrament will be served while the children, youth and volunteers are in the sanctuary. In the United Methodist church communion is open to all ages so children are invited to receive the sacrament with their parents. If you have any questions about how to introduce your child to the communion sacrament, please contact Sarah Laflamme at Christian-ed@wcumc.us.

What’s happening in SS?
Sunday School has started!
Sunday school for children and youth starts with worship in the sanctuary. On most Sundays, the children, youth and adult volunteers leave the worship service after the Offering in order to engage in age appropriate exploration of the scripture. The worship planning team is continuing to work on including children and youth in the service as well as planning elements that will engage worshippers of all ages. If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns please contact Sarah Laflamme at Christian-ed@wcumc.us.

Family Sunday School Program
On October 29th, we will have a Family Sunday School program. Modeled after a family book club, each child/youth will be assigned to one of three groups along with their parents and siblings. All the families are encouraged to read Matthew 25:14-30 in preparation for class. Here are some things to wonder about when reading the scripture verses together:
 I wonder how the servants felt when the landowner asked what they

had done with their coins?
I wonder how the landowner felt?
 I wonder what Jesus hoped we would learn from this story?
One family within the group will lead activities and discussion on October 29th. Our hope is that this encourages faith formation at home and discussion amongst family members. If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Laflamme at


Connecting with Christ
With destruction caused by natural disasters and violence cause by our fellow human beings, it is hard to see how Christ is present in our world. Below are some ways we can connect with Christ so that we feel his presence in the midst of the chaos.
 After hearing or seeing a news report about violence, say a prayer to ask God for how you can respond.
 Consider serving the victims of the hurricanes by making flood buckets for UMCOR.
 Counteract all of the focus on what makes us different from each other, by taking

If you have any questions or comments about our Christian Education Program please contact:
Sarah Laflamme                                    Harry Johnson
Christian Education Director             Chairperson, CE Committee
Christian-ed@wcumc.us                     Johnson3rd@verizon.net
603-888-1003                                 978-251-8587