West Chelmsford United Methodist Church
Sunday, October 22, 2017

Christian Education

Coming Soon!
2017-2018 Children and Youth Programs!

It’s that time of year! All of the children and youth (and even some adults!) are going back to school and getting settled into fall routines and with that comes the start of our children and youth programs. On September 10th, our Sunday morning programs will start with worship in the sanctuary for all ages at 9:30am and at the beginning of October, our Sunday afternoon and evening youth groups will start. Keep an eye out for more information about the youth group activities!

What’s happening in SS?
Sunday School Registration Forms

If your child was registered last year for any of our children and youth programs, a pre-filled out registration form is in the mail to you. Please make any necessary changes to your child’s information and sign and date the form(s). Then you can either mail the forms into the church office or bring the forms to church on September 10th. Members of the Christian Education Committee will be available that morning to collect the forms starting at 9:00am.

New Schedule
Our Sunday morning programs for children and youth will start with worship in the sanctuary at 9:30am. At approximately 10:00am the children, youth, and Sunday school volunteers will leave the sanctuary to explore the scripture reading of the day in their classrooms. The service will continue in the sanctuary with the sermon and a few other parts of the service ending at approximately 10:30am. The Sunday school program will end between 10:30am and 10:45am depending on the time needed for that day’s lesson. There are a few Sundays this fall that the children, youth, and Sunday school volunteers will stay in the service for the whole hour because we are celebrating an important part of our church life. The first of those Sundays is September 24th when we will be celebrating the amazing transformation our church has gone through to be more accessible to our community!

Connecting with Christ
Too busy to pray?

An integral part of our relationship with Christ is daily prayer, but many of us find ourselves too busy to. Here are some suggestions from umc.org that will help us move toward a deeper prayer life:
Make prayer a priority – “Those hoping to find time for prayer will likely fail. You have to make time.”
Find a sacred space – In addition to making time to pray, it is suggested that we have a sacred place to pray in.
Remove distractions – During your chosen prayer time turn off the T.V., the cell phone, the computer, etc.
Pray with others – Praying as a family or with a prayer group can keep you motivated.
Use resources – The Upper Room provides resources like daily devotions and the online Living Prayer Center.
Use different methods – Remember there is no right way to pray including silent prayer, musical prayer, etc.
 Keep going! – Change takes time, when you fall short, forgive yourself and keep going!

If you have any questions or comments about our Christian Education Program please contact:
Sarah Laflamme Harry Johnson
Christian Education Director     Chairperson, CE Committee
Christian-ed@wcumc.us     johnson3rd@verizon.net
978-320-4090      978-251-8587