West Chelmsford United Methodist Church
Tuesday, May 21, 2019

From the Pastor’s Desk
May is a month of endings and beginnings. Many activities in our lives are scheduled according to the school year (or program year, as we refer to it in the church). In the church we begin in September with our Sunday School, choir and other programs. They generally run through May into early June. But in May we are drawing those programs to a close for the season, and preparing for the summer break. In the schools May is the season for graduations, as students leave behind one stage of their lives and move on to another.
It is that “moving on to another stage” that is the “beginnings” part of May. It is reflected in nature all around us, as God brings forth new life in the plants and animals, and nature moves on to another generation. After the winter season, many of us humans feel renewed and revived in this season as well. We are more than ready to “graduate” from winter and move on to spring!
This continuous cycle of renewal should remind us Christians of the hope that God has brought in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Each time we end and begin again in life, each time we start over, we proclaim the Good News of the Gospel – that God through Jesus Christ makes it possible for us to begin again with a clean slate, to leave the past behind. That is the essence of God’s grace, and the wonder of God’s love.
So welcome to the season of renewal and new life.



Reverend Mack